BMin, 2000, Laidlaw University, Auckland New Zealand

MTh, 2020, Laidlaw University, Auckland New Zealand

Graduate Diploma Psychology, 2020, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Post Graduate Diploma Psychology, Current Student, Massey University, Palmersion North, New Zealand

Future Training

After completing my Masters degree in Theology, I have entered a bridging program at Massey University, hoping to complete a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. 

Interesting Facts

Andy Payne

"For me, being a counsellor is
a calling. I am passionate about what I do."

I am a Fifth generation New Zealander, which means my ancestors settled there in the 1860's, early in the history of the country. My people were Albertlanders from the Kaipara/Northland Area. I have lived in and travelled extensively throughout America. Now I live in Guatemala with my wife Bonnie, and our family. My wife Bonnie and I got married in Las Vegas over 15 years ago. I am the father of two young children. My hobbies include watching Rugby, Rugby League, and Cricket. I am passionate about helping people. 

Bonnie Payne

"I have heart for people. Kindness and grace are the two operating ideals I live with and I hope to share with others. 


BSc, 2000, Empire State College, New York, USA

MA, 2003, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Texas, USA

Post Graduate Studies Counselling Psychology, 2005-2008, Walden University, Minnesota, USA


NZCCA, Full Member since 2011

DAPAANZ (Drug Alcohol Practitioners Association of Aotearoa NZ), Former Affiliate 2013

Interesting Facts

Born and raised in Texas. I have lived in many places throughout the USA including Hawaii, Alabama, and Florida. My biggest move was to New Zealand in 2008. Now I am a Kiwi at heart. My family and I have recently moved to Guatemala. I am the mother of two young children. My areas of interest include: Autism, ADHD, SPD, FASD, Adoption, Infertility, and healing from Trauma. 

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